CLRDBOY (Coloured Boy) hailing from Fort Worth, Texas mixes traditional anime imagery with black/indigenous history (and a dash of queer eroticism) for a visual experience unlike anything you've seen before.


From traditional acrylic/oil paintings on canvas to felt collage art, CLRDBOY is always creating art that is rich with story (past, present, and future).


Finding youth and beauty in the pain of the mundane through visual artistry. CLRDBOY is Saturday morning cartoons meets black futurism with a low-brow twist.



Multidimensional being, Akiala I, was sent to earth to assist in humanity's ascension and evolution. Through interactive and virtual experiences, Aki integrates the viewer or "player" with higher dimensional frequencies. Aki's current mediums of expression consist of adornment, dance, sound, storytelling & art.


Aki believes that taking actions to consciously create your reality is what life is about. She's committed to sharing her personal journey in hopes that it will encourage others to activate their ideal self. Aki is a mirror, reflecting the image of her ideal self and world. She also aspires to give children & her peers the inspiration, platforms, and courage to be themselves and share their solutions for a harmonious future.

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I am a storyteller. I use the mediums of film, photography, poetry, music, graphic design, and fashion to tell the stories of African Americans from three perspectives: the historical, spiritual, and personal. My artwork works to dismantle the negative images construed by racism and attempts to develop a unifying national identity for African Americans. I use multiple mediums to create mosaic collages, which pull from contrasting elements of our culture and create an inclusive depiction of

African American life.


I employ photography and filmmaking to capture historical moments and to design narratives that depict African Americans in atypical roles. My graphic designs, poetry, and music are steeped in the rhythms and themes of blues, jazz, hip-hop, and traditional African religious practices. By telling modern stories through historical themes I yoke the present with the past and show the necessity of both for the growth and preservation of culture. My art applies the principles of auto-ethnography to connect personal experiences to the wider cultural narrative of African Americans—a narrative sustained through folklore, religion, rebellion, freedom, and love. My art is a mirror and recognizes the act of living as a form of protest against the incessant onslaught of systemic racism. My art seeks to suture the wounds of oppression by establishing a connection to images and stories that educate us on our distorted history, critique our modern culture, and raise us to our greatest hopes.



Aubrey Rose is a contemporary artist mostly focusing in the mediums of photography and painting. Aubrey is deeply moved by the majesty of nature and draws a lot of his Inspiration from what he considers “ nature’s little masterpieces “.


He has a very fine eye for aesthetics and chooses the focus and executions of his art in a focused meditative state of mind. Aubrey is a firm believer that beauty is a state of man and aims to place the observer in greater, or higher states of mind, in hopes to connect with the observers inner and external reality in a new way.




Crispysz is one of Colorado’s talented artist-directors who’s been turning heads and receiving love with every drawing, digital production, and painting he releases. His work intertwines anime, pop art and abstract expression styles that speak volumes to the craftsmanship in his pieces. 



I have an adoration of the face and eyes... and strive to do a portrait that is alive... following you across the room from where ever you stand.




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My creations are heavily influenced by music, pop-culture and the world around me. I look at the world for what it could be not what it is. When I create through this lens, I am intending to manifest that world into reality, as well as start conversations on how to make it a better place.


In some of my creations, you can see thick and heavy applications of paint. The strokes of paint interact with the background and the foreground of the painting to connect them both. This is a symbol is of the past and the present working together to create something beautiful.



My name is Marthè and I am a African Poet/Artist residing in Denver. My pieces are inspired by the concepts of universal fertility and the cyclical nature of the feminine to evolve through life and love. It's a breakdown of who we are or rather who we viewed ourselves as and the realization of that lie. Through the breakdown of our former identities we lay seeds for a new truth to arise. This is the seed. It's our infinite potential to be any and everything with the patience and knowledge of our truth.


Finally you have the rebirth, the awakening of the feminine and the ushering of a new love for oneself and the world around her/they/them. The maiden and the hag ideals are one in the same and from my viewpoint, we tend to start our adult lives as the maiden to then become the hag, only to once more return to the maiden or rather the divine queen with these transmuted energies and shackles broken. Each piece is accompanied by a pairing poem written by me.




Nicole identifies as a Multicultural Womanist of Nigerian, Scottish, English, Cameroonian, Benin and Togo, Western Bantu, Norwegian,  Portuguese, Dutch, and German descent. Nicole was born in the occupied Sauk nation area located along the Mississippi River currently known as Illinois and has made her home in occupied Ute, Cheyenne, and Arapahoe land known as Colorado for more than 20 years.

Nicole is the owner of Compassionate Counseling of Denver and serves youth as an SSP for Denver Public Schools.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she weaves ancestral healing and clinical psychological therapeutic modalities. Her focus on mental health and holistic healing practices offer a unique combination of education, mobilization, and liberation through creative expression, world travel, and music. In addition to her private practice, she currently collaborates with Swallow Hill Music, blending music with social emotional curriculum for their Little Swallows Outreach Program.

Nicole is an abstract visual artist, photographer, and percussionist. You can find her praying through dance anywhere there is music or water. The entire life cycle, healing, patterns, water, and dance inspire her art.



Long time positive light and rolling stone, I am an artist residing in Denver, Colorado. My mission within my art is to spread the joy of how I see the world through my eyes: ethereal realities consisting of colorful energetic figures, the aliveness of nature; bright, saturated dream-like realities that invoke you to see the beauty in small things. I believe life should be a celebration of spirit and the divine, and many of my pieces reflect these sentiments. My art depicts gratitude and contemplation within this chaotic world, hopefully adding some stillness and appreciation to our narratives. If you look at my work and feel happy, excited, calm or your heart feels content- I have fulfilled my destiny in this world.



Raised on the east coast, I currently operate from a home studio in Denver, Colorado. As a self-taught painter, art and storytelling have served as an immersive lifestyle from childhood.  With each piece I create, I learn more about my relationship with art and its ability to be a catalyst. Creation is power; it is unifying. To be able to create at all is profound. I believe that uninhibited expression is the purest form of liberation.

I create to provide accessible art to my community, encouraging more prevalent raw expression through creation.  Demanding room for constant growth and reflection. I explore the distorting experience of holding perception and truth through creation. Painting shares this immersion into my life experience: one saturated with warmth and curiosity, ridden with raw expression. Acrylic paint breathes life and texture into my ideas on canvas, making them tangible, providing depth and closeness.



Yazz is currently an Art teacher in Denver, Colorado where she continues to mentor and create with young artists as they explore their lives, stories, and passions through the beauty of art. Constantly, inspired by the youth she works with, Yazz continues to develop & deepened her own artistry as an analog collagist and muralist. Her work is heavily influenced by her spiritual journey as she loves exploring the spirit world with God, Ancestors & her Spirit Team. As an expressionist intuitive mixed media artist she creates breathtaking hand cut collage works, with the use of bright bold colors, metallic paints and gold leaf.